Anything worth doing is worth doing imperfectly.

Happy New Year!  I am starting 2012 with a new online journal to share my enjoyment of photography.

Uh, look at that, it’s April 25th.

I had planned to get this site ready for its debut on January 1st, but with the rush of the holidays, thought it best to put it off until February 2nd.

Then preparations for my daughters’ birthdays, getting Groundhog Day cards out, community theater scheduling, and similar commitments conspired to delay it a bit, and it seemed like a good project to get done during Lent.

You wouldn’t think that 40 days without red meat, alcohol, ice cream, cookies, potato chips, or chocolate would go by so quickly, but they did.

Of course, the real reason for delay was not really that I was too busy, or too weak from bacon deprivation, or too some other lame excuse.  I was delaying because I wanted my site, on its debut, to be perfect.  And, I knew that it wouldn’t be.  Not yet.

Well, here it is, since I finally stopped waiting on hoping to get everything just right and decided to go ahead and publish the tarfangled thing.  It is not perfect, but hopefully, you will find it much better than it was yesterday.


(Hint:  A photo of some cute animal will often serve to distract viewers from noticing imperfections.)Chipmunk, Mt. Sunapee, NH.


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