I can see my house from here!

While my children were enjoying their last day off in Florida, I made another optimistic trudge up the local hill in hopes of capturing dramatic morning light breaking over downtown Claremont.  Particularly in the Winter, there often seems to be a brief window of lovely golden light just at sunrise, fading after five or ten minutes when the sun becomes obscured behind clouds (this frequent gap between the horizon and the clouds appears to be proof that the clouds prefer Claremont, while towns to the East enjoy prolonged morning sunshine).  I hoped to capture this warm glow illuminating the downtown.   Sadly, the clouds and sun did not cooperate, and the lighting was pretty dismal.  At least the poor lighting made me less disappointed to find that, in my last minute decision to throw my hefty 500mm/5.6 mirror lens into my pack, I neglected to include an adapter to mount it to the E-P1.

My last trip up Flatrock Hill was back in November, on a misty Sunday morning when I hoped to capture taller buildings such as the smokestack and clock tower protruding from the mist as it burned off.  The mist failed to cooperate, and I gave up after noting that it was rising as the mornign wore on.  I did manage to get some dramatic clouds on the climb up and some soft, pastel-colored images of Mt. Ascutney rising above the mist before it thickened too much.

I wonder what will await me on the next attempt.


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